Submission guidelines

Registered users can submit articles on subjects related to alternative energy, which we define here broadly as anything related to energy which is not taught in classical Electrical Engineering courses today.

Submitted articles will be reviewed and, if necessary, sent back to the author with feedback. Once an article is accepted, it will be posted on the PowerHackers website and sent out to the PowerHackers mailing list. The author of an accepted article will also receive a $50 fee for his or her effort.

To keep the quality of the content on this website as high as possible, we ask you to adhere to the following guidelines:


  • 1000-word minimum
    To provoke people’s thoughts and to really bring an idea across, you need more than 140 characters. We’re looking for well thought out, long-form content which dives deep into the details of a subject.
  • Enrich with media
    Words are great at conveying details, but humans are visual beings. Enriching your content with video material, high-resolution images, or circuit diagrams will greatly enhance the value of your article.


  • No conspiracy talk or fanboy behavior
    Shouting that the government, big corporations or the Freemasons have suppressed certain knowledge from the public is the surest way to undermine any credibility you might have. Don’t do it! Even if you truly believe this to be the case, make your points without mentioning it, because it won’t help your cause. The only way to get the public to take alternative energy research seriously is by not sounding like lunatics with tin foil hats on.
  • No unproven claims
    Similar to the above mentioned point, your research and findings will only be taken seriously if you base your conclusions on facts, preferably gained from easy-to-replicate experiments, and not on far out predictions based on a hunch or belief. Provide detailed footnotes citing the sources you base your claims on.
  • No blatant self-promotion
    If you want to advertise your products and services, there are great places to do so. This is not such a place though. Writing content for this website can serve as a way to increase the credibility of your name in the alternative energy community, and adding a small link at the end of your article is perfectly fine, but articles which are merely a sales page in disguise will not be accepted.