Ultra-Fast Pulse Motor Driver Board


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Pulse your motor coils with ultra-fast rising square waves thanks to a powerful dual channel gate driver in combination with a hypermodern Gallium Nitride FET, and capture more of your flyback by using state-of-the-art Silicon Carbide diodes, which are so fast their datasheets don’t even bother to mention switching times anymore!

This highly optimized, versatile, and super compact board offers unprecedented switching speeds of just 15ns, for optimal performance of your pulse motor.

It can be powered from anywhere between 24-48V, and comes with a 12V and 5V regulated output to connect your trigger system to, like a Hall sensor, optical sensor, or even a signal generator.

All traces have been made as short and wide as possible to reduce impedance to a minimum, so you’ll experience minimal switching losses and maximum flyback re-capture.

Take your pulse motor to the next level with this powerful, fully-assembled driver board!

This is what you get:

  • Fully assembled and tested board
  • PCB source files
  • Circuit diagram
  • Parts list
  • Personal support from me

This product is made-to-order, and it will take me up to 4 weeks to get all the parts, assemble, and test the board.

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