Hi, my name is Nick, I hail from Amsterdam, and I’m on a mission to educate myself and other about the wonders of electrical energy, specifically the more obscure, forgotten and underappreciated theories and experiments that are not taught in schools.

I do not have a degree in Electrical Engineering (which is often a blessing), and I do not pretend to have all the answers (I don’t), but what I am good at is consuming loads of complex information and then presenting it in a clear, unbiased way, which is what I aim to do on this website.

My story

In 2012 I read the book Abundance by Peter Diamandis, which paints an hopeful picture of how technology will soon provide every person on earth with an abundance of energy, fresh water, food, and communication.

The book also mentions how these “problems” are related, by saying that an abundance of energy will allow us to use that energy for desalination, which creates an abundance of fresh water. This abundance of fresh water can then be used to irrigate even the driest places on earth, resulting in an abundance of food. Energy is also required to “connect the last billion”, as Diamandis calls it. Back then I actually drew the following image on a piece of paper (the figure in the top left corner was added later…).

A drawing I made in 2012 based on the book Abundance

This made it clear to me that making enough energy available at an affordable rate to everyone on earth was the key to solving the world’s biggest crises, with the potential of saving and improving millions of lives! This is when I started browsing the internet and stumbled upon the ambitious Wardenclyffe Tower project (1901), from the forgotten electrical genius Nikola Tesla, which had the goal of distributing energy around the world without wires, but was never completed and eventually destroyed due to financial woes.

This fascinating story kicked me into extreme research mode. I ended up in obscure corners of the internet, where I found captivating information on the wireless transmission of energy, and even claims of free energy and perpetual motion devices! However, I soon realized that 98% of the information I came across could be categorized in one or more of these not-so-great categories:

  • Unproven claims
  • Incorrect assumptions
  • Fanboy behavior
  • Conspiracy theories
  • Blatant self-promotion

In other words, a lot of crap to cut through and therefore very hard to find out what is fact and what is fiction. I resolved that the only way to really know what was going on was to perform these experiments myself, so I could see the results with my own eyes. The only problem was that I hardly knew anything about electricity, circuits, and waves, which is why this website wasn’t founded until years after I first got interested in this subject matter.

In order to minimize my exposure to false information, I became a lot more selective in the sources I consumed. I figured that the best person to learn from was the inventor himself, Nikola Tesla, which is why I started reading everything he has ever written, while mainly shunning alternative energy forums and websites. By now I feel I have learned enough over the years to start replicating Tesla’s early high voltage, high frequency experiments and then working my way up to his more advanced inventions, like his Magnifying Transmitter.

So why this website?

As you can tell from my story, I have wasted countless hours following false leads, as well as tons of money buying materials to perform experiments that were doomed to fail from the start. I simply do not want you to make the same mistakes.

You shouldn’t just buy into anyone’s crap, not even my crap, or purchase some expensive “system” which promises to help you find out the “secrets” of energy.

No, you should instead read, experiment, observe, learn, and then form your own understanding of the subject. This is the only way, and I want to help you by creating valuable resources like blog posts, videos, and tutorials filled with useful, practical information.

My intention is to share everything I have learned so far, and provide detailed instructions on how to replicate my experiments and devices, so that you can learn in a few months what took me a few years. Hopefully this will provide a new wave of experimenters with the resources to amaze the world with novel results, inching all of us that much closer to the ideal of abundance.