Pulse Motor Design Considerations

Pulse Motor Generator Design Considerations

I spent over a year researching the Adams Pulsed Electric Motor Generator, built several working models, gave a presentation on the subject at the 2021 Energy Science & Technology Conference (ESTC), and even used MyHeritage.com to track down one of the inventor’s daughters in the hope that she would be able to give me the […]

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Theory of SIngle Wire Power Transmission

A Theory Of Single Wire Power Transmission

The article proposes a theory to explain why single wire electrical power transmission works, and why the currents in the single conductor seem to defy basic electromagnetic laws. According to this theory, which is based on the original writings of Michael Faraday, J.J. Thomson, and Oliver Heaviside, the single wire currents propagate longitudinally along the […]

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Robert Adams Pulsed Electric Motor Generator

Robert Adams Pulsed Electric Motor Generator: Theory & Tips

In 1975 the Chairman of the New Zealand Institute of Electrical Engineers, Robert Adams, filed for a patent on a new type of highly efficient motor / generator that utilized the power of permanent magnets. However, his patent was denied, and he was subsequently pressured by the prime minister and several large companies to keep […]

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Tesla Coil Experiments

7 Impressive Tesla Coil Experiments

When most people think of a Tesla Coil, they think of big sparks. This frustrates me to no end… There are a ton of other cool experiments that can be performed with Tesla Coils, especially if you have a matching pair of them. In this article I cover 7 cool Tesla Coil experiments for you […]

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Single Wire Power Transmission Analog

4 Methods for Single Wire Power Transmission

Today’s 3-phase power grid uses 3 or 4 wires to transmit electrical energy. This article describes 4 innovative methods, some over 100 years old, which use only a single wire to transmit the same amount of power or more, without a return wire! These methods hold the promise to drastically reduce costs and lower line […]

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Nikola Tesla World System for Wireless Energy Transmission

Nikola Tesla’s Transmission Systems

My previous writings have laid the foundation needed to understand this article, in which I will give a brief overview of how the current power grid evolved, and how Tesla planned to radically change this. Evolution of electric power transmission In the beginning there was direct current, or DC. However, there was not one single […]

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History of the Tesla Coil and its geometries

History of the Tesla Coil and its Geometries

The first time I ever heard about a Tesla Coil, was actually while playing the video game Red Alert during my teenage years. In the game, the coil was a powerful weapon which shot massive bolts of lightning at the enemy. Shooting big sparks is actually the main association people have with the Tesla Coil, […]

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Tesla Hairpin Circuit Stout Copper Bars Replication

Tesla Hairpin Circuit Replication & Experimental Results

After more than a year of research and development, I am excited to finally share my Tesla Hairpin replication and experimental results! I share things that worked, and things that didn’t work, as well as why. This article also contains a detailed parts list, so you can easily replicate my setup and experiments. This article […]

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Impedance, the Skin Effect, and how they apply to Nikola Tesla

Impedance, the Skin Effect, and their Implications in High Frequency Circuits

Many of the famous experiments Nikola Tesla performed involved high frequency alternating- or impulse currents. At these high frequencies, something interesting happens: these rapidly vibrating currents pass with great difficulty through a seemingly low resistance conductor. This effect is caused by impedance, or the opposition of a conductor to the flow of alternating current. This […]

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